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Abba, Father

A film on fatherhood

God is our Father

How can we understand the beautiful yet challenging truth that God is our Father? How can we relate to God as His children? How does God's Fatherhood teach us to be good fathers over our children?
A quarter of children in the United States have no father figure in the home. Even more than that have fathers who are physically present, but are unwilling or unable to pick up their crosses and care for their families as they ought. Fathers abandoning their children leads to children abandoning their faith. If God is their father, and their father abandoned them, then they are left feeling abandoned by God.
Understanding and navigating a fatherless world is harrowing.
This is a film about reclaiming the glory of fatherhood for the Glory of God the Father.
Very Reverend Thomas J. Olmsted, Bishop Emeritus of Phoenix
Jason Evert, The Chastity Project
Michael Villanueva, John Paul II Center for Theology of the Body
Will Wright, Institute of Catholic Theology
Sean Maddigan
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