Redemptive Film

We are Catholic filmmakers telling stories of hope. It all started on September 14th, 2018. We were 20 weeks pregnant with our third son, Stephen, when we found out that we were going to lose him after he was born. We knew we wouldn't be able to do it on our own, so we went and told our church community, our friends, our families, and anyone who would listen and pray for us. We wanted Stephen to live as much life as he possibly could before he went home to heaven, and he did. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of people in eight different countries lifted Stephen up in prayer. On Thanksgiving Day, 2018, our son, Stephen died after living for 1 hour and 28 minutes, the best 1 hour and 28 minutes of our lives. We knew that we couldn't keep our story to ourselves, so many people had been impacted for the Gospel by Stephen in his short life, and so Kingdom Productions was born.

We started our company with the ambition to make a feature-length documentary about Stephen's life, telling his 
story through the eyes of the people who were closest to him, and demonstrating the hope that God provided through Stephen in the most dire of circumstances. While in production, and while creating additional short films and photoshoots to keep the company going, we became pregnant with another son, Christopher. At 16 weeks, during an ultrasound, the doctor couldn't find Christopher's heartbeat; we had lost another son. Confused and devastated, trusting God, we created another film dedicated to Christopher's short life, angel wings.

In these, the most devastating, tragic moments of our life, we have found that if we place our trust in Jesus, he will use our suffering for His good. God can use even the most tragic situations in anyone's life for the good of His Kingdom. That's the goal that we hope to achieve through our filmmaking. We want people to see our characters go through some of the most horrific tragedies in their life, yet come out the other side with hope. Hopefully, you are able to see yourself in our characters, in our own lives, and know that no matter what, no matter where God takes you, He is always with you, and you can always live with hope in the redemptive power of Christ.