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The Mission

The mission of Kingdom Productions is to lead souls to Christ through films that are true, good, and beautiful.

We know full well the problems that exist in both secular Hollywood and in the Christian movie industry, and we aren't satisfied with submitting to either. What the world needs from the film industry is movies that are uncompromising – both in artistic prowess and moral responsibility. Some of the greatest films ever made were made under the so-called "oppression" of the production code; they told beautiful stories, yet were void of all the moral indecency which makes going to the movie theater as a family today nearly impossible. At Kingdom Productions, we look back and see movies like A Man for All Seasons win Academy Awards, and see no reason why movies of this kind cannot continue to inspire the masses.

Our movies are already beginning to have an impact. Secular and Christian audiences alike have praised our award-winning documentaries, and been impacted by their thematically rich stories. Our films in are winning awards at major Christian Film Festivals, as well as at major secular competitions. This is not only possible in today's world of mediocre storytelling, but it is exactly what we expect! Truth, Goodness, and Beauty are universal ideals that point us to the very reason mankind was created, and stories that are true, good, and beautiful will always maintain a universal appeal.

As we live out the our mission, we see beautiful stories paving the way to conversion, to faith, to hope, and to charity. Learning from the past, we see a bright future of storytelling inspiring the next generation to live beautiful lives.
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