born to reveal

the works of god

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OFFICIAL NOMINEE - International Christi

Stephen Andrew Pope

On Thanksgiving Day, 2018, Stephen Andrew Pope was born, lived for one hour and twenty-eight minutes, and died. Though his life was short, Stephen reached thousands of people for the Gospel, doing as St. Francis of Assisi said, "To preach the Gospel always, using words when necessary." Witness the extraordinary life of the infant that breathed life into a broken community, gave hope to the hopeless, and lived the truth of the Gospel with every breath.
His life on earth may have been short, but just as the blind beggar was in the Gospel of John, Stephen Andrew Pope truly was Born to Reveal the Works of God.

"This was amazingly done. Most of my life I had been pro-choice, but this film made me question the way I was thinking. Thank you for opening my heart and eyes to the other side of the conversation. I have changed my opinion on this matter, and I cherish everything that Stephen stands for."

- Angie R.

"This is such a beautiful story. This is why I’m so in love with the Catholic faith. I could not stop crying."

- Laurie C.