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A charitable, not-for-profit organization
Kingdom Productions is a nonprofit organization in the state of Arizona, and our mission is to influence the culture through film. Our productions are consistent with traditional Christian values and faithful to the teaching magesterium of the Catholic Church. Nothing we produce will ever contain sexual or pornographic material, blasphemy, excessive profanity, or anything that defames the holy name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We have witnessed the power of a simple story through film in countless instances, and we have seen our films bring audiences closer to Jesus Christ time and time again. After seeing our films, many have professed faith in Jesus Christ, renewed their committment to prayer, became aware of and joined the pro-life cause, and much more. Through the stories of our characters in narrative projects, and through the example of real human life in our documentary projects, the work we are doing is vital to a culture that has forgotten it's Christianity.

Instead of feeding the anti-Christian Hollywood machine by investing in mainstream media outlets, evangelize the culture by supporting apostolates like ours. We have projects constantly in development, and we need your support to bring them into production. Every donation goes directly towards producing our next project; Cocol, a biopic about Blessed Miguel Pro, is currently in development.

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We sell a limited line of merchandise to help promote the LIFE-saving message of the Gospel to all who come into contact with our brand, and to help fund our feature films. Making movies is expensive, but at the end of the day if one person is impacted by the Gospel message through our films then it will have all been worth it. Consider supporting our ministry through this unique line of merchandise.
"There is no foot too small that it can't leave an imprint on this world."