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Jeremy Pope

Creative Director

Jeremy Pope is a passionate Catholic, husband, father to nine children, and an award-winning writer, director, and producer, based in the greater Phoenix area of Arizona. Jeremy made his first film following the death of his son, Stephen, a 43-minute documentary about Stephen's life. In the making of this film, Jeremy discovered his passion for filmmaking, and founded an independent, non-profit production company called Kingdom Productions. Stephen's movie, Born to Reveal the Works of God, has since gone on to receive nominations and win awards at some of the largest festivals in the world. His other notable works have found success at competitions and film festivals across the country. Jeremy's work has been featured on major networks including EWTN and Roku, and he has worked with top industry professionals including the creators of The Chosen TV series, and the writers of Fatima (2020). Jeremy has a Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting, and teaches filmmaking at Grand Canyon University. He is currently developing narrative films.


Lyndsey Pope

Artistic Director

Lyndsey Pope is a loving mother of nine children, co-director, and production designer for Kingdom Productions. After losing her son Stephen, she joined Jeremy in directing the documentary about her son's life, and has taken on the vital behind-the-scenes work in each of the films that we have produced. She is focused primarily on loving and raising her kids to be virtuous men of God as a stay at home mom. As an artist, she is passionate about production design, and creates the set design, costumes, and Hair & Makeup for each Kingdom Production

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