Jeremy Pope

Creative Director

I am a film director, writer, and cinematographer with a passion for creative storytelling. In every story I tell, I hope to demonstrate that no matter how far you have been dragged down in life you are valuable, and you have a purpose in Christ.

I have written and directed feature films, short films, TV commercials, and marketing videos. I am an MFA student in the screenwriting program at Regent University, I have a B.A. in Film and Television Arts from Boise State University, years of filmmaking experience, a passion for the arts, and a deep love of Christ and His church.

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Lyndsey Pope

Artistic Director

I am a production designer, photographer, pro-life speaker, and I manage the day to day business administration for Kingdom Photography & Production. I love finding creative ways to express my faith and pro-life conviction; the camera, the make-up, the podium, they are all tools that God uses through me to serve a greater purpose in His Kingdom.

My personal testimony is a powerful message of trusting God in the storms of life, and has brought many people closer to God through speaking as well as through films like Born to Reveal the Works of God.

I love to take ordinary moments and create extraordinary, timeless memories.